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    REMINDER: The Brandmeister Worldwide Net on TG 91 @ 9:00 AM Pacific Time Today!

    REMINDER: The NorCal Net on TG 95150 @ 7:00 PM Pacific Time Today!


    Please be sure to check our FAQ page for special settings for these radios to maximize usability with the Brandmeister network.


    Talkgroup numbers for NorCal and NorCal 1 have changed.
    The new talkgroup numbers are:
    NorCal = 95150
    NorCal 1 = 31069

    Please note that the old talkgroup numbers have been retired and there is no cross-connect. Update your radios to prevent being left behind!

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    NorCal DMR News

    • 7/24/2016: The K6JWN Dixon and K6SIA Gilroy repeaters are now on the NorCal network. These low level repeaters are our first MMDVM (homebrew) systems, which we are testing for compatibility with our network. Please let us know about any experiences (good and bad) you have with users on these systems (audio issues, networking, etc).
    • 7/10/2016: Welcome W6GRC Sugarloaf Mountain (VHF) to the NorCal network. Excellent coverage near Redding and beyond!
    • 6/28/2016: Welcome KJ6QBM Bodega Bay to the NorCal Network. Programming information is now updated, coverage map coming soon!

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