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    NorCal DMR Network Lights California in RF

    NorCal DMR was established in 2010 with the intent of bringing the latest digital technologies to the Northern California amateur radio community. While still committed to this goal, the organization has expanded its mission. Today the organization works throughout the Golden State to assist others wishing to bring DMR technologies to their communities.

    Just four years after its inception the NorCal DMR Network has grown to more than fifty linked repeaters, located as far south as San Diego, California and as far north as Chico, California. A DMR user can now get almost uninterrupted coverage throughout California's Central Valley, the Northern California coastal regions, the San Francisco Bay Area and much of Southern California. Its repeaters carry 16 standard Talk Groups to connect its users with fellow enthusiasts around the globe.

    The NorCal DMR Network is open to all interested licensed amateur operators wanting to experience the clarity, flexibility and reliability of a digital network.

    To help familiarize users to the new mode the organization has developed the
    NorCal DMR Guide for Best Practices, and makes the Amateur Radio Guide to DMR available here on its website.


    Map of VHF Coverage

    • 35% of State's Population covered (13.5 million)
    • 55,655 Square miles

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    Map of UHF Coverage

    • 79.1% of State's Population covered (30 million)
    • 98,306 square miles

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